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It is clear from all sides that Islam is not just a religion, but a way of life. Under the umbrella of Islam, one will always find refuge in living a godly, virtuous and truthful way to the values ​​of humanity. Moreover, the Quran is the main source of guidance for Islam for all who seek the truth.

  • Since the Qur’an is the main source of guidance for all human beings, especially Muslims, it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that children receive proper Quran Online teaching. Therefore, Muslims do their best to provide the best Quranic education for their children, however, it is difficult for Muslims living in the West to find good Quranic teachers in their neighborhood or city..

Quran online class

We offer an Online Quran Academy that teaches many courses of the Holy Qur’an to make your home easier. We provide the complete solution of your Holy Quran education by including your male Quran teachers for a fee. Teachers are selected after examinations and after witnessing the degree and the evidence of their Hafiz . So we provide you with quality service. As a Muslim, we understand the importance of Quranic education. We understand this fact that it is important to study the Quran on a day when there is no proper guidance and that people believe in superstitions due to lack of guidance. To become a true Muslim we need to have a proper knowledge of Quranic education and our platform provides similar services to our students. You should join us and then be prepared to learn from our teachers who are experienced and have command over their subjects.

Problems with Studying Tajweed

Many people want to learn proper recitation through Tajweed, but sometimes they do not have the flexibility to learn the Quran with Tajweed. Some are busy, some do not have an Islamic institution in their place.

  • Learn Quran Online with Tajweed is a special Course offers for adults and children the opportunity to learn it at home. Candidates must have a personal computer and a good internet connection to cover the lessons. Most academies offer Skype classes. You should also know how to use this communication software. Taking a class over Skype is very convenient as students can learn from anywhere.

What Will You Learn

If you are starting a Tajweed course, you will go through the following topics to become an expert in reading the Quran.

  • Segment of Letters

If you want to pronounce each word correctly, you will understand Tajweed perfectly.

  • Characteristics of letters and the use of the tongue in a particular way

You will learn all the features of every letter. We will also teach you how to use your tongue to spell the letter a certain way. You will learn to make the right sound while reading.

  • Rules for Letters

You will learn when and where to stop. There are certain rules for you that will make your reading knowledge perfect.

At first, you will find it difficult to learn all the rules, but soon you will understand everything. Once you understand it, you can read the Holy Quran fluently and correctly.


We are teaching the Quran online through Skype and Whats App. Just do your Skype ID and then our representative will contact you and he / she will give you the details of your course. Then, your Holy Quran teacher will be assigned according to your requirements. Also contact us through Whats App and its online classes in Whats App. You will not have to worry about your privacy info. You are totally sure when enrolling our Online Quran Classes website and your Whats-app number in good hands. We offer multiple online courses so you have to choose. Free trial classes will provide you and your satisfaction with enrollment in the course. So now it is easier to learn. We have made it much easier for women to have teachers of the Quran. Then, students will be safe when they enroll in our Online Quran academy.

Learn the Quran with Tajweed

Your correct pronunciation is even more important. Tajweed has some rules and the following Tajweed rules can change the meaning of the Quran. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the Holy Quran with Tajweed herself. Arabic is not our native language. As we have to learn English to compete in the exams and, in our practical life, it is also necessary to learn the Arabic language. And there is always the need to receive help from any teacher. Our offer is Tajweed courses, but we also offer courses related to Islamic education. We also teach prayer and Urdu. We are providing these services to all age groups. If you are worried about anything you are facing. Our customer service is available 24 hours a day so you can contact us at any time.


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