Learn Quran Online With Tajweed Fast

//Learn Quran Online With Tajweed Fast

Importance of learning Tajweed rules and some Effective Tips

Learning Online Tajweed – The Holy Quran is the greatest blessing of Allah, the Almighty, for humanity. He has immense knowledge whenever he deals with the universe or human life in general. In addition to extended knowledge, the Qur’anic recitation brings religious and spiritual benefits to Muslims. Join the Tajweed Rules Course

From an early age, Muslims should learn to recite the Holy Quran every day, so that later in life they will find guidance and enlightenment. In addition to the way in which the Qur’an is guided and supervised, there is also an aesthetic appeal.

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Tajweed Quran Tips and Rules Explained

The Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the form of a decorated prose. Therefore, reciting the Holy Quran in the light of the rules of recitation and guidelines contributes to the charm of the Holy Quran and increases its effectiveness and effect on the heart.

  • In the Quran, Allah Almighty says, “Those to whom We have given the book recite it with its true story. They believe in it. And whoever disbelieves that is the loser. Al-Baqara – verse 121

It is clear from this Ayah of the Holy Quran that the Qur’an must be recited in the true form and form it describes to be recited. This need to recite the Holy Quran in the light of the rules and regulations of the narrative refers to the cruel aspect of Tajweed. The following lines explain what Tajweed is, why it is required, and what tips you will need to learn the Tajweed rules. You can Choose the best Quran Teachers online to Learn Quran Online with Tajweed and Quran recitation and for not only children but also for adults.

Tajweed Quran Means

From a linguistic point of view, the word “Tajweed” means “doing something good” or “knowing how to do it”. Therefore, if Tajweed is to be considered in relation to the Holy Quran, it means learning the Qur’an in the right way, taking into account the requirements of Arabic pronunciation. Therefore, when each letter is spoken with the right understanding and the right way as it is described, it means that the Holy Quran has returned to Tajwan.

Learn the Holy Quran with Tajweed

The best recitation pattern of the Holy Quran is the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He knew that the rules of Tajweed with which the Holy Quran was revealed to him, so he recited it in the same way and other people imitated him. Therefore, it becomes indispensable to learn the Tajed rule so that the Qur’an can be recited in the same way the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) recited it himself.

The Goal Behind the Tajweed Observation:

Apart from the fact that the recitation of the Qur’an with Tajweed is the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), there are other reasons behind the respect and assurance of Tajweed.

  • The first goal behind the observation of Tajweed is the fact that the Holy Quran is revealed by Allah Almighty. Since he is his subjects, it is imperative that we read and recite the Holy Quran the same way he revealed it. Reciting the Holy Quran in this way means that the person, in the true form in which he was revealed, recites and submits to the authority of Allah.
  • The Second one reason for reciting the Holy Quran is that words do not change their meaning. Arabic is a very sensitive language, and any variation in the form of shortening or extending sounds leads to a change in meanings. Therefore, if the rules of the Tajweed are not adhered to, the Holy Quran’s words seem to change their meaning, which a Muslim must avoid in any case.

The Rise of the Need to Learn Tajweed:

If Islam had been a religion of the Arabs and the Holy Quran had been recited only in the Arab region of the world, there would be no need to explain or teach the rules of Tajweed to others, as the native speakers would know the language proper type, words and pronounce alphabets. However, Islam is a universal region and has spread throughout the world because of its universal appeal. Because of this spread of Islam, people from different parts of the world began to read the Holy Quran. However, since they did not come from Arabic, they pronounced the words because their pronunciation was in their own language. As a result, a spelling gap appeared that led to Tajweed’s rules for reciting the Holy Quran being duly established and documented.

  • Tajweed’s rules are not random rules, but much effort has been put into it. Many Muslim scholars have gone through the turmoil of setting Tajweed rules so people should know the rules and follow them.

Tajweed Learning Tips:

As with any other form and type of learning, Tajweed’s learning speed can be increased by following certain tips. The following lines contain some important tips that can help you learn Tajweed online and improve the learning and applicability of Tajweed rules.

The First Thing to Learn Tajweed Online

You need to do to learn the Tajweed rules is to find a professional Qur’an tutor who is familiar with and masters the rules. While there are many books on Tajweed, especially Madani Qaida, which is taught to students before they learn the Qur’an. Despite all the books, the need for a tutor is essential. The tutor teaches the rules to the students in the best and most understandable way. Therefore, the student must ensure that the teacher knows the rules of reciting before joining an online madrasa or mosque to learn the Qur’an. To help you, Online Quran Classes offers online Quran teachers who are both skilled and knowledgeable in their tutoring methods.

 The Second Tip to learn Tajweed Online

Find authentic books written about Tajweed, and then complete the teacher’s lesson with learning the book. In this way, a person has both the knowledge of the Tajweed rules and the experience to apply those rules from the teacher.

The Third way to Learn Quran Tajweed online

Listen to the Holy Quran recitation by experts. There are many scholars around the world known for their Holy Quranic recitation. So, when you listen to them and then imitate them, you can easily recognize the correct pronunciation of words and also learn to pronounce them quickly.

The Fourth way to Learn Quran Tajweed online

The Fourth thing that can help with the effective learning of the Tajweed rules is the use of Tajweed Mus’haf. There are special copies of the Holy Quran containing the symbols and signs of Tajweed. When a person reads the Holy Quran from such a copy, he or she gets used to pronouncing the words correctly.

The Fifth way to Learn Quran Tajweed online

The Fifth and perhaps most important tip that you should follow and follow when learning Tajweed online is practicing. You must apply every learned Tajweed Rule by applying it to every ayah of the Qur’an that you have read. The more you read, the better you can learn it, so practice the rules as often as you can.

Learn online Tajweed

In a word, to show submission to almighty Allah by reciting the Qur’an after its revelation, to execute the Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with the correct pronunciation and to avoid changing the meaning of words by pronouncing it right It is imperative that a Muslim learn the rules of Tajweed and make sure that all the rul


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