Learn Quran Online | Summary 8 verses of surah Hood

//Learn Quran Online | Summary 8 verses of surah Hood


The main content of the surah is a series of stories of prophets who warned their people to follow Allah Almighty, the people who persist in rejecting Allah Almighty.

Allah Almighty Said:

  • (Meaning)And of course our angels brought the good news to Abraham. They said “Peace”, then Abraham said “Peace”. Then they brought a roasted calf shortly. Then when he saw that Angels hands were not moving towards food, he was horrified and terrified by them. Angels said: Do not be afraid. We have indeed been sent towards the people of Lot Don’t be afraid (70) And his wife was standing there, and she laughed. We gave her the good news of Is’haaq and Yaqoob’s son behind Is’haaq. (71)
  • He said: “Woe to me, shall I have a son when I am old and my husband is much older?” (72) The angels said: “Do you marvel at the work of Allah? O family! May Allah bless you and bless him. He is the Most Honorable, the Most Honorable. (73) Then when the fear of Abraham overtook him and the good news came to him, the people began to dispute with him about Lot. (75) (We said): O Ibrahim! Turn away from this; surely the command of your Lord has come, and surely the doom will come upon them that will not be returned. (76)

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Summary of 8 Verses | Surah Hood

The summary of these eight verses of Surah Hood is that once the Angels came to the Prophet Abrahim (peace be upon him) in the form of young boys and greeted him. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) answered the greeting and brought them to eat a roasted calf as a guest, but the guests did not actually raise their hand. On this, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was terrified and afraid that they would do no harm. The angels said in fear, “Do not be afraid. We are not eating because we are angels and sent to punish the people of Lot.” During this conversation.

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Hazrat Sarah (R.A)

Hazrat Sarah (RA), the wife of Ibrahim (peace be upon him), was standing there listening to these things, laughing at the son’s good news or something else. The angels gave the good news of the birth of Sarah to their son Is’haaq and the birth of Is’haaq’s son Yaqoob. Hearing the good news, Hazrat Sarah (RA) said with astonishment: Will I have a son even though I am old and my husband is too old? Ibrahim (Abraham) was 120 years old and Sarah was 90 years old (Jalalien with Sawi, vol. 3, p. 923).

The Angels Replied

  • “What astonishment you have for this Divine Being, because you are from a family that has miracles and habits.” It is a place of abrogation of deeds, the revelation of Allah’s mercy and blessings.

However, after speaking to the angels, the fear of Ibrahim (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) disappeared, so he began to talk about the people of Lot in the form of questioning and answering to the angels, whom Allaah said to them with the words: There were quarrels about Lot. The purpose of the Prophet (peace be upon him) was that the punishment should be delayed and that the people of the town would have some other opportunity for faith and repentance.

On this mercy of Allah, Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “Indeed, Ibrahim has great patience.” The people, who are very fearful of Allah, are very crying in front of him, and in addition to “Munnib”, that is, turning to Allah. This is because he who fears Allah and turns to Him because of the punishment of Allah upon others, how much should he fear and turn to Allah in his matter. When the word of Ibrahim (peace be upon him) was extended to the people of Lot, the angels said: O Abrahim! Leave the request to postpone the punishment because the final judgment has been finalized by the Allah on this nation.

Lessons From These Verses

        1. Greeting “Salaam” is the Sunnah of the Angels and the Prophets.

        2. The women of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) have entered into the                Ahl al-Bayt, because Hazrat Sara (RA) is called the Ahl al-Bayt and Hazrat Ibrahim.

        3. The good news of the future disappeared by the son’s and grandson’s good news, and the                         Angels who knew it were certainly aware of the unseen . It was the knowledge of the unseen.

         4.Patience, fear from Allah, Turning to Allah ,Allah likes it very much.

         5. It is very pleasing to the unbeliever with mercy and mercy that they should try for wealth and                faith so that they can escape eternal punishment.

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