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// Learn Quran | An Event of Faith Examination

Allah Almighty Said:

( قُتِلَ اَصْحٰبُ الْاُخْدُوْدِۙ(۴) النَّارِ ذَاتِ الْوَقُوْدِۙ(۵) اِذْ هُمْ عَلَیْهَا قُعُوْدٌۙ(۶) وَّ هُمْ عَلٰى مَا یَفْعَلُوْنَ بِالْمُؤْمِنِیْنَ شُهُوْدٌؕ(۷

Cursed be the trench ones. Flaming fire When they were sitting on the edge of it. And they themselves bear witness to what they were doing to the Muslims (۔(پ30، البروج:4تا7

When we Learn Quran Online with its meaning then we realize that Problems in life are a fact; they are sometimes punished for sins and sometimes the source of their forgiveness. These are the causes of the rising of the righteous and sometimes the test of the people. The higher the rank of the gentlemen, the higher the temptation is, so the prophets of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), who are the most intimate and Allah Almighty servants of Allah Almighty, should be tested.

Noah was persecuted by the nation, Hud and Saleh were tortured, Abraham was thrown into the fire, Musaa had to be emigrated, An attempt was made to make peace with Jesus. , Many of the prophets were martyred, and our Lord’s Apostle was also persecuted in twenty ways. Just look at the entities behind such gentlemen, such as how the people of Baitram and Sa’idna Imam Hussein were treated with the Ummayans: to starve the thirsty, to afflict the sons, nephews, nephews and loved ones before the Father.

  • The verse mentioned above also mentions a holy group in the path of Allah Almighty, who is tempted to love and persevere in faith. He said: Digging the trenches and setting them on fire, curse those who were throwing the Muslims into the fire because the Muslims had converted to Islam and the king was forcing them to renounce Islam and to disbelieve. (مدارک التنزیل، ص 1335، 1336، البروج، تحت الآیۃ:4-7)

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The Incident of the Trench

The incident is narrated by Hazrat Sahib Rumi (RA) about what happened to those who ate here, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: Before you there was a king and a magician, When the magician was old, he said to the king: Now that I am old, send me a boy so that I can teach him magic. The king sent a boy to him to learn magic; the boy who passed by the magician on the way lived a monk (dark world, worshiper), the boy daily go to this monk. Sitting down and listening to her talk, she liked … At that time, once a big beast closed the way for the people, the boy thought: Will I try today a magician or a monk? So he took a stone and said: O Allah! If you like the monk’s case more than the magician, then kill the animal with this stone so that people can pass. So when the boy hit the rock, the animal died from the stone.

The king’s Companion got His Eyes

When the boy reported the incident to the monk, the monk said: O son! Today you are better than me, your time has reached what I am looking for. Soon you will be caught in trouble and when that happens, do not give anyone my address. After that the boy’s prayers began to be accepted and his prayers made the mothers blind and the healer healed and he began to cure all diseases. One of the king’s companions was blind, and when he heard this news, he brought many gifts to the boy and said to him: If you heal me, I will give you all these things. The boy said: I do not heal anyone, but Heal Allah, if you believe in Allah, I will pray to Allah and He will heal you. The blind man believed, then Allah Almighty healed him. When he went to the king and sat down with him as before, the king asked: Who has returned your sight? He said: My Lord. The king said: Is there any other Allah Almighty besides me?

He said: Yes!

  • My Allah Almighty and your Lord. Upon hearing this, the king arrested him and continued to harass him until he revealed the boy’s address. Then the boy was brought in.

The King said to him

Son, son of the man! Your magic has evolved so much that you heal the born blind, heal the sick, and you do much more General Chat Chat Lounge The boy said: I do not heal anyone, but Heal my Almighty Allah. The king arrested him and, with persecution, revealed the monk’s address. Then he summoned the monk and, after failing to believe, cut him and his close companion in the middle of the head and cut him in two pieces, then tried to kill the boy twice for not believing, first to be thrown off the mountain. Tried, but the boy’s prayer caused an earthquake and the rest fell down the mountain but the boy survived.

Boat Was Overturned

The second time the boy tried to board the boat and was thrown into the sea, but then the boat was overturned by the boy’s prayer and everyone except the boy was drowned. The boy then went to the king and said to the king: You will not kill me unless you do what I tell you. When the king asked that action, the boy said: “Gather all the people together in a field, and crucify me on the trunk of a palm. Then pull out an arrow from my trunk in the name of Allah, the boy of the boy.” Hit me by saying, if you do that then that arrow will kill me. The king did so by assembling all the people in a field, and the boy was martyred, but all the people, accepting their faith, said three times that we believed in the boy’s Lord. (The king’s case was overturned).

He dug trenches on the edges of the streets and lit a fire in them and ordered that those who did not turn away from their religion should be thrown into the fire. (But people persisted in the faith even) until they were thrown into the fire. It was Bari who had a baby in his lap. Be patient and do not hesitate, then it is on the true religion (and those children and mothers were thrown into the fire as well). (Briefing by Muslim, p. 1224, Hadith: 7511) And Hazrat Rabi bin ibn Anas (may Allah have mercy on him) said: The Almighty, who had been thrown into the fire, seized their souls before their fire and saved them and the fire burned out the disbeliever sitting on the shore.

The Lesson

In the path of Allah Almighty, patience has always been the path of the righteous.

(1) The persecutor of the righteous is the enemy of Allah Almighty.

(2) The miracles of the saints are true.

(3) The boys in young age also get the saints.

(4) The feast of the companionship of the elders is more effective than the feast of worship.

(5) The religion in which the saints are present is religion.


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