Learn Online Reciting Etiquette of the Holy Quran

//Learn Online Reciting Etiquette of the Holy Quran

Reciting Etiquette of the Holy Quran

It is up to all the readers of the Holy Quran to observe the rules of respect for his acting. The essence of all the rules of respect is to consider the Glorious Holy Quran as the discourse of Allah Almighty, whom we adore, and the word of those we love and seek help only through him.

The Holy Quran is the word of our beloved Allah Who is also the supreme monarch, so we should read the noble Quran with the emotions of both love and awe.

  • After cleaning your teeth with Miswak and doing Wudhu, one should sit in a secluded place with grace and humility and facing the Qibla. Therefore, with an attentive heart and profound devotion, one must recite the Glorious Holy Quran imagining all the time that it is reciting it to Allah Almighty.

If you understand the meaning, you should go quickly and reflect. On the Ayat of promise and mercy one should ask for forgiveness and compassion. On the Ayat of punishment and admonition, one should seek refuge in Allah, because except for him there is no help. On the Ayat pertinent to His Majesty and Gloria, one should say “Subhan Allah” which means that Allah is Sacrosanct.

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If you do not shed tears while reading the Book, this is Holy Quran, you have to force yourself to cry a little. You should not read quickly until and if you do not want to memorize it.

The Learn Quran Online should be placed in a slightly elevated position, for example on a wooden support or a pillow at the time of reading. You should not talk to others during acting. If one is forced by necessity to talk to someone, it should be done after closing the book. And then, before starting to recite again, it is obligatory to say that it means seeking the protection of Allah from the rejected Shaitan.

The first reading should be in a low voice. If the insincerity is caught by you or the disturbance is caused to others; otherwise, reading aloud is more rewarding. It is beautiful to recite in a melodious voice because there are numerous Ahadeeth that emphasize this effect; some of these are: “Recite the Holy Quran in an Arabic accent”

Acting and its dependence on oral Learning

It is a fact that Learn Quran Online With Tajweed depends simply on the forms of oral learning of perfect and well-versed teachers of the art of intonation and acting.

Indeed, Allah made mankind his worshipers by reciting the Glorious Holy Quran and promised them a great reward, which is ten times greater than their credit for reciting a single letter. He ordered them to think and carefully consider the meaning of the Holy Quran until they achieved their intended purpose.

  • Allah Almighty made a specific style quality mandatory for reciting the Holy Quran while ordering his messenger: “And recite the Quran in a slow (pleasant) style”۔ Sura Muzzaammil: 4

And it is a Holy Quran that we have divided to be able to recite it to men at intervals. And we revealed it step by step “Sura Isra: 106

The prophet Muhammad (sallahu alaihi wasalam) was eager for mastery of the Holy Quran, so he began acting quickly when the angel Gibrael was telling Him.

Then Allah said

  • “Do not move your tongue about (the Holy Quran, or Muhammad) to hasten you. It is up to us to pick it up and give you a chance to recite it. And when we have recited it, follow its recital” sura Qiyamah: 16- 18

The Prophet used to present the Holy Quran, reciting orally to Jibrel once a year in Ramadhan (the month of fasting) and the last year of his life, he recited the entire Quran twice.

The prophet (sallahu alaihi wasalam) taught the Holy Quran to his companions in the same way he had been taught by the angel Jibreel. In fact, he used to motivate his companions to learn and recite the Holy Quran very well.

Ibn Khuzaimah narrated in his collection of Hadiths, by Zaid bin Thabit, that Muhammad said: “Surely Allah Almighty the Holy Quran must be recited tenderly as has been revealed.” (Qawaidut Tajweed). ”

Teaching Quran Is Most Important

The prophet Muhammad (sallahu alaihi wasalam) used to pay particular attention to a group of his companions to obtain the mastery of acting, until they became great figures in this field. So he recognized them for additional interest and teaching.

Some of them are: Ubi Bin Cub, Abdullah Bin Masud, Zuid Bin Tabit, Abmu Saal Ashari, Osman Bin Ahwan, Ali Bin Talib, Abduda Da, Muaz Bin Jabal etc.

The prophet (salahu alaihi wasalam) was taking care of them by listening to them or listening to him. Prophet Muhammad is said to have asked Ibn Masud to recite the Qur’an in front of him. So Ibn Masud began reading, but tears came from the eyes of the prophet.

Once the prophet Muhammad (Sarah Araich Waram) went to Ubai bin Kabu and said that Allah was commanded to recite Ubai. Then he cast Sura al Baiina for Ubai.

Learning Quran Online is So Easy

Learning the Quran is the first duty before receiving any other education. For this purpose your first preference is to find a good Islamic Institute where you can easily learn the Quran near your home, but if it was impossible for you, you have the easiest way to get Quran education from many online sources. At Online Quran Academy  you just need a laptop with proper internet connection, these nobles from years where you can easily learn the Quran by joining the Online Quran Academy every day with the help of a PC Offer service. Tutors employed in the Quran online class have sufficient qualifications and skills in this field to learn Tajweed to correct pronunciation and to recite the Holy Quran smoothly.


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