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International Institute of the Online Quran Class

We are an online Quran teaching institute and we offer various Holy Quran courses to Muslims around the world. We are proud to offer the best Online Quran Classes to Muslims who have no other way of learning the Book of Allah. All our students take courses under the supervision of expert tutors who have the best teaching style. They are competent and know the correct pronunciation.

We started our academy A while ago and so far we will have been teaching Muslims and their children all over the world online. It is the leading Islamic online institution for those interested in the Qur’an and religious education. We offer different educational programs in the form of distance courses. Our teachers not only teach the Qur’an but also teach Islamic studies. They teach you how to use the latest technologies.

Online Quran Classes

What can we offer you?

We offer course sessions through Skype and use traditional and modern methods. We do our best to provide you with the best learning experience. Our teachers are available to teach students living in different countries around the world: United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Scotland, Germany, France, Italy, London, Singapore, Qatar and Western countries.

Find a Quran Education Expert

It is no longer difficult to find an expert instructor now. Our Quranic Education Academy is here to help you provide clear advice and support. We have hand-picked instructors and we choose them for your broad knowledge and extensive teaching experience.

Whether you are studying Qaida, Hifz, translation or Tafseer, you need advice and our team is here to help. They are well trained to teach and are the ideal partner to help you with your studies.

Our experienced online instructors

We teach online and are considered to be the most reliable online institute for Quran studies. Our teaching is the form of online learning and we offer a variety of premium courses for Muslim students of all ages. Online Quran Academy has a team of qualified and experienced instructors. They are certified by recognized institutes and allow children, adults and young Muslims around the world to learn the Holy Book from home. Guardians include dedicated Quran teachers, both men and women, who are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  • Teachers help students develop an interest in education. They help students improve their knowledge of the Qur’an, which will certainly help them excel in life and beyond.
  • Each instructor is experienced in tutoring in our online class and helps Muslims around the world understand the lessons through chat, screen and file sharing.

International tutoring

Our Academy offers world-class Qur’an education using the latest technologies. We support students from all over the world with the online tutor team available to resident students worldwide.

In our education system, we cover different parts of the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, etc. If you live in Western countries and are looking for an Islamic education online, it would be best for you. Everyone can now learn at home. No problem if you can’t go to the mosque. Our Quran Education Center will help you learn at home.

Reasonable Expenses

We offer different study plans / programs and rates for each plan vary according to your needs. Students can choose their plan by completing the form at the end of the site as well as through contact or side pages. Fees vary depending on the student’s situation.

Our international tutoring offers the following benefits:

  • No hassle: International students enjoy Quran sessions smoothly. They do not need to travel or go anywhere.
  • The Measure: Students can easily hire instructors who can meet their needs at the desired level.
  • Professional: The Qur’an Pak Center has only qualified, experienced and trained tutors. This is because we are passionate about spreading the Qur’an knowledge around the world.

Students do not have to worry about Koranic education because of the distance. Despite distance problems, students may feel excited when we offer them the online environment. Parents can also choose for their children to learn the Qur’an at home because we claim it is a very reasonable and satisfying place for them. Our courses are very valuable to students from all over the world. Our institute offers a wide range of international programs with flexibility in all courses. Give us the opportunity to shape your life according to Islam.

Education for Children and also Adults

Our Qur’an education programs for children and adults. Our instructors have good practices in managing children in an online environment. We organize special classes for children and also provide them with specific classes. Qur’an education for children is of the highest quality because we provide special training to our instructors to help them and improve their performance.

Our teaching method helps students learn more effectively. Our goal is to be the source of Quran learning on the Internet. We are educators and welcome students from all over the world. We all believe that every child is different. The speed of learning also varies from child to child. We believe, therefore, that every child deserves a personalized and quality education.

The Motivation of the Student

His son’s Islamic and Quranic education is one of his main concerns. It is also our concern. Without proper education, effective learning cannot happen. Our Quran sessions allow students to learn about the safety of their homes. We let parents get involved in their education. Parents can watch their children take a class in front of them. It is very important that children have Internet access during their classes.

That is why our instructors continue to motivate them to increase their level of interest. Your child can now learn Islam in a new and modern way. Like online children’s courses, we also offer an adult Quran education. Many people have great family responsibilities. These responsibilities include either the spouse, the children, or both. This means that they have much less and a shorter time to teach Qur’an sessions.

It is not easy for them to attend a course while they have family commitments and work. We welcome working professionals.

Who Can Join Us?

Any Muslim who has the internet and a PC can learn from us. Screen sharing and audio communication make learning similar to traditional learning.

We are available to all Muslims to help them learn the Qur’an as they should. Our classes are open to all Muslims, regardless of their sect, race, gender, religion or country.


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